Day 11 - Memphis

Memphis Skyline

We left Oklahoma City in the middle of the pouring rain and arrived in the land of the delta blues after driving through a rainstorm most of the day.  It basically was a straight drive all the way through without a lunch stop, trying to stay ahead of the storm.  The storm was very heavy in parts and it took us about  4 hours to clear it, by that time we were well into Arkansas. It was dreary the rest of the drive. We took a detour along I-70 to avoid a 30-minute slow down, which kept growing on I-40. So we got to see part of rural Arkansas.

Rural Arkansas

We arrived in Memphis with heavy cloud cover and the threat of a strong rain storm, really preventing me from wanting to walk anywhere for dinner.  Parking around the city is messy.  

View from hotel room

Tomorrow we follow the ghost of Elvis to gates of Graceland, and then head to Knoxville.  Looking at the weather it looks like we will be driving in the rain all day again, tomorrow.


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