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Old Hollywood

On July 24 th I did an old Hollywood inspired session with the lovely Laci .   This session was inspired by several of Lindsay Adler’s YouTube videos where she walks through how she got the old Hollywood look, using a fresnel lens modifier and an optical spot. Also, this was a perfect time to work with Laci, as both she and I are fans of the vintage Hollywood look.   When I reference the term old Hollywood or classic Hollywood look, I’m referring to the style pioneered by George Hurrell in the 1930s and 1940s. This look relied on precision lighting, spotlights, and dramatic shadows.  I also used the works of Clarence SinclairBull and Milton H.Green as references for this session. For this session I used: Photography Equipment Cannon 80D Trigger 2 strobes 2 c-stands 1 dome reflector 1 Set of barn doors 1 30-degree grid 1 50-inch umbrella with sock 1 strip box with grid 1 flag 1 light stands 2 speedlight 1 Backdrop stand

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