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Harley Quinn Session

On September 18, I did a studio session with   Kayari at LED Studio in Old Town Alexandria. The session was a cosplay session, focused around the “ Birds of Prey ” version of Harley Quinn.   LED Studio was a perfect location for this session, due to the lovely exposed brick walls within the studio, the seamless paper choices, and the overall size of the studio. The studio was a good value based on its overall size (a lot larger then expected) and location.   For these sessions I used: Canon 80D 4 Speed light 3 Light stand Strip soft box with grid Square Soft box with grid Blue and Pink gels Trigger 18-200mm lens To prepare for this session I went through several movie stills from “Birds of Prey” to understand the expressions, mood, color tones, and lighting used in the film. This allows me to determine how I’m going to approach the session and what my lighting set up will be.   I zeroed in on a still image lighting Harley Quinn from the from the sides with lig

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