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Katsucon 2023 Wrap Up

To be honest, I just wasn’t feeling Katsucon this year.  I think it was a combination of several things. First I had to travel for my normal day job to Norman, Oklahoma the week before Katsucon and be there till the Tuesday before the con.  I flew back on the Tuesday right before Katsucon and was worried I was going to have some flight trouble and miss the con and have to reschedule or refund all my scheduled shoots.  Due to traveling, I didn’t feel as prepared for my sessions as normal.  I also felt a bit tired and worn out, because the travel for work really reduced my tolerance level.  I’m normally an introvert who can act extroverted when needed, and the work trip took me to my extrovert limit.   Then there was the convention itself, which I feel gets less and less organized every year, and the volunteers more frustrating to deal with.  I buy a VIP pass, just so I don’t have to stand in the long line on Thursday for badge pick up. Usually, there is separate VIP line outside the h

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