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Rubber Duckies!

On August 12 th , I did a second rubber duckie session in a kiddie pool with the lovely Lena Volkova . For this session, I used: Photography Equipment Props/Miscellaneous Cannon R6 24-105 mm Lens Transmitter/Trigger 2 Phottix strobes 2 c-stands 2 Backdrop stands 2 black backdrops Sandbags 2 rectangular soft boxes Circular Polarizer   169 rubber ducks Blue tulle Kiddie pool Water Bubble gun Ladder Workout mats   The set up I am very safety conscious when doing kiddie pool shoots because water and electricity are involved due to the types of strobes I use.  I do my best to minimize the number of cables and stands, plus ensure everything is appropriately sandbagged.  For this shoot, I started by laying out the workout mats and then placed the pool on top of them; this helps protect the bottom of the pool and gives the model something soft to stand, kneel, and lay on during the shoot.  On

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