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Crystals & Pearls

On January 16 th , I worked with the lovely China Limehouse for a beauty shoot. This shoot was based around a white pearl and crystal headpiece that wraps partially around the face. Since this was a beauty shoot, I brought in a make-up artist (MUA). The MUA for this shoot was Ashley Peter , who used a white, silver, and blue pallet to go with the headpiece. For this shoot I used: Canon 80D EF 70-200 F2.8 Lens Tether Flash Trigger Grey backdrop Backdrop Stand C-Stand Boom Arm Beauty dish Phottix strobes Silver reflector Grey card set For this shoot I focused on the face and headpiece, so never went larger than a ¾ length body shot.   The lighting was a simple, using only the beauty dish which was set in front of the model and raised to be looking down at a 30–45-degree angle.   I then filled in the shadows with a silver reflector, which the model held in her lap.   I did not use the reflector for all the shots.   The variety in the shots were based on the

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