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Trip wrap Up - Road Trip to Glacier NP

We are home and the trip is over, now for a little trip wrap up.    We drove a total of 5,290.3 miles, bought 165 gallons of gas at an average price of $3.03 per gallon, and had an average fuel economy of 32.5 mpg.  We crossed and/or visited 15 states and spent an average of 7  hours a day driving.  This makes for a very long trip.   I took around 900 photos between my DSLR and cell phone but got it down to 365 final photos which include a few panorama and HDR photos.  You can see the pictures from the trip here “ Road Trip to Glacier NP ” I would say heading out is better than heading back, because you are excited to get to the destination and things are new and exciting.  However on the way back, you just want to get home. I don’t think it helped that on the way back we stopped at places I have visited before in better conditions, so they weren’t exciting to me.  I have also discovered I’m really not a road tripper, I hate being in a car for hours on end, I like leaving early to get

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