Sunday, March 23, 2014

Self Portrait Session

I set up my studio today to work on some lighting techniques, specifically Rembrandt lighting.  I used a two light set up and a bounce flash to support the main light.  I shot using my 18 – 55 mm lens at a 200 ISO, an aperture of f5.6 and a shutter of 1/125. The flash was set with a +¼ compensation.  I shot using a remote control and live view on the camera.   I then processed the raw images through Lightroom and then Photoshop.    Below are some examples from the shoot and you can see the full gallery here

Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Parade

It was a chilly day for the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. This year they placed caution tape down each side of the street, to keep people from running into the street and this year the floats were not allowed to toss candy into the crowd.  The parade started at noon and wasn’t even half way done by 1:30 when I left.  The parade wasn’t very lively, they needed more music, excitement or something, though I bet the overcast chilly day didn’t help.  

The day was very overcast and gray.  However I did get some OK shots.  I shot at an ISO of 200 on aperture priority set at 9.0f.   All the shot were taken from a sitting position on the cold hard curb.  You can see all the pictures here "St. Patrick's Day Parade"

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Today I went to the US Botanical Gardens to see the orchid display. This year the theme was “Orchid Symphony.” The display was not as big as nor have as many orchids as previous years.  However, the moss instruments covered in orchids and the timing of the fountains to the classical music playing was nice.  The music and water fountains provided a relaxed atmosphere in the main gallery of the gardens, which is why I think many people were sitting on the benches admiring the beauty of the flowers.  I went within the first hour of the gardens opening for the day so it was not crowded yet but by the time I left a lot of people were starting to come in.

I used two lenses inside the gardens an 18-200mm and a macro 60mm lens.  At past orchid displays many of my shots were macro shots, however this year the displays were not conducive to macro photography.  So my main lens was the 18-200mm at an 800 or 400 ISO on manual mode, without a tripod.  No tripods are allowed within the botanical gardens during the orchid show, however I saw two old Asian men breaking the rule and blocking some of the paths.   I did not take as many shots as usual just because of the limited number of orchids.   Overall it was a nice display, just not as large as previous years.  You can see all the photos from the day in the Orchids 2014 gallery

Headshots and Tulips

Since all of Ohio is on a stay at home order currently,   I thought I would update my headshot and take some photos of the potted tulips m...