Plans and Goals for 2022

It is that time again develop some goals and projects for the new year. Now I didn’t meet a lot of last year’s goals but I think moving through a monkey wrench is some of those plans.  So, I think some of those goals will come back after I am more established in the DVM area.   Thus, this year will be focused just on creative goals more then business type goals.


1.      Work with some male models.

Most of my work is with female models and cosplayers so I really would like to showcase more males.  I’m thinking of redoing some of my past concepts but with males, so some of these male models will need to be a little adventurous.

2.      Work with some creative MUA/HUAs

This is a twofold goal because 1) I would like to find a few MUA/HUAs to work with on a regular basis on both a paid and TFP basis, and 2) I want to do some very creative beauty images that go beyond the standard glam make-up.  I do have some baseline ideas but I want to work with someone who really wants to trend towards avant-garde.  Mood Boards

3.      Find some new locations

This is also a twofold goal because I want to find both interesting outdoor locations and some studio locations.  For the outdoor locations I have a few in mind, I just need to take a scouting trip to check them out.  Then for the studio locations, I’m really trying to find a studio that has furniture that can be used during a session. I can shoot basic studio in my in-home studio but I need some unique furniture options for some concepts. I just don’t have the room to house a ton of furniture.  

4.      Work with gels

I have used gels on and off in some of my work, thus I would like to expand that work and experiment a little with different color combinations. I have been mostly using gels in the magenta and blue tones, and want to break out into the rest of the rainbow.

5.      Work with the new wardrobe pieces I bought in 2021.

I bought three outfits from a cosplayer last year and really need to do a shoot with those outfits.  I feel like I might have missed my chance with the ballgown Cruella outfit, but I also have a ballgown queen of hearts outfit, and a renaissance inspired outfit. 


1.      I want to do a space/sci-fi inspired shoot this year.  I have had this concept floating around in my head for a while now which will involve lots of silver and white.  I might go a little retro inspired with the outfits, it will all depend on what I can source and/or make.  

2.      I want to do some renaissance inspired sessions this year.   I have one in my head inspired by a painting of Galileo by Giuseppe Bertini and early astronomy.  

3.      I want to do a beauty shot series. These would be focused on interesting make-up and headpieces. I plan to make a few new headpieces this year, one involving birds and the other probably cherry blossom inspired.  I enjoy making headpieces, for me it is an extension of the creative process and helps frame the theme of the shoot.

As usual these are just guideline goals and concepts for the year.  As the year progresses, I may be inspired by other things and the session ideas may change or I may add more.  It all depends how the year progresses and what materials become available. I do have Pinterest boards for several of these concepts and many more, this allows me to keep my options open based on what is in the realm of the possible.

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