Road Trip to Glacier: Day 0


This year we are doing something a little different and road tripping about ¾ of the way across the country to Glacier National Park.  We decided on the road trip due to three things
1) the pandemic made getting flights and rental cars difficult since everyone is rebuilding capacity at this time,
2) our move from Ohio to Virginia made determine where to book flights out of difficult since timing of the move was in flux, and 
3) we wanted Teddy (our dog) to be under as little stress as possible. So we wanted him to stay with family instead of a brand new pet sitter; we would have had to rush to find one.    
These factors led us to just doing a road trip this year.  
The first day of the trip I’m counting as “Day 0” because it is very similar to the first day of any of our air plane trips, by which I mean not very exciting.  We have done the drive from Virginia to Ohio several times so it is not new and different. The only difference here is after dropping Teddy off at his grandma’s for two weeks, we wouldn’t be staying in Akron but continuing up to Toledo to spend the night before continuing on the next leg of the trip.  The real trip will begin once we exit Ohio and play our pre-selected road trip song.


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