Day 2 - To North Dakota

Today we started our journey at 0700 CST and arrived at our destination at about 1815 MNT, thus it was a long day.   The states are getting bigger now, we only covered about three states,  the rest of Wisconsin, all of Minnesota, and a good part of North Dakota.  While it was a long drive we didn’t do a whole lot.  We had a rest stop right before we got out of Wisconsin and a couple in Minnesota, those potty breaks are important.   

Our longest rest stop for the day was in Fargo, North Dakota where we had lunch at the “Space Alien Grill and Bar” and stopped at the Fargo Visitor center.  The food was typical bar and grill fare, the only a-typical things on the menu were the super sized baked potato meals and the pickle fries. Our friend Christina got the half taco baked potato and salad combo while Jim got the pickle fries.  The pickle fries were a bit odd, while we have had fried pickles before but pickle spears were a bit strange, not really the same texture as the chips.   After lunch we went over to Fargo, North Dakota to see the original wood chipper and its stunt double from the movie “Fargo”.  It is a very popular tourist stop, we got a wood chipper Christmas ornament for the tree.  After that we got back on the long road to our overnight stop in Dickenson, ND.

The road was long, straight, rather boring, and several of the exits off of I-94W stated there were no services at those exits.  We did cross the Missouri River near Bismarck, ND. However,  the only excitement on the North Dakota part of the drive was the rainstorm that we hit a little bit of and all the lighting bolts.   Just so you know the land is flat and you can see for miles.  Tomorrow we exit North Dakota and head into Montana with a brief stop at Theodore Roosevelt National Park before heading to Great Falls, Montana.  


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