Day 1 - To Wisconsin

We started our journey out the last remaining bit of Ohio at a bright and early 0800, from there it was through Indiana and  Illinois, to our stopping point for the night in Wisconsin.  

The journey through Indiana was a bit rainy and uneventful.  We also went through the time change from eastern to central time, which threw off our initial lunch plan, since when we planned to have lunch at 1100 EST became 1000 CST and places aren’t serving lunch then.  This resulted in us having a later lunch then usual due to having to make it through Chicago before finding a place to stop.  I must say that I was rather disappointed though with the crossing the border between Indiana and Illinois because there is no welcome to Illinois sign, it just welcomes you to Chicago.  The drive through Chicago was congested, construction filled, and all around big city driving.  Once we made it through the city,  we discovered Illinois doesn’t really like to identify where there are food exits off the freeway,  we did eventually find something.  (Google maps is our friend.)  Though after we found a place for lunch and got back on the road, then they started showing the food stops,  it always seems to work that way.   Stupid Murphy’s Law. 

yes it was raining

Now when we entered Wisconsin there was a welcome sign, and they believe in highlighting all the food exits.  Also entering Wisconsin ended the toll roads for us, because I-90/I-94 became toll free at that point.  The drive through Wisconsin was mostly just your standard drive, though we did stop at the MouseHouse cheese barn.  We saw the sign along the road and figured if we are in Wisconsin we should stop and at least look at cheese.  From there it was back on the road to our hotel for the night and dinner. We had dinner at the Milwaukee Burger and had the cheese curd sampler.  You must have cheese curds in Wisconsin; it is the law.  The place was good, a lot of the burgers were covered in lots of cheese.  Jim got the blue berry burger which was a burger on a blueberry bun, with blueberry jam,  cheese, hash browns, an egg, and bacon. It was a big burger, he didn’t finish it.  Dinner ended our adventure for the day.


Tomorrow we have at least a 9-hour drive ahead of us to the middle of North Dakota.


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