Goals for 2021



As I look forward to 2021, I have developed a few goals. The goals are a bit business centric, since I transitioned Munchkin Photos to an official LLC. I want to make sure Munchkin Photos stays sustainable through the long haul. I love doing fun crazy shoots on a TFP basis, but to be able to do those I need to balance the costs out with paid shoots.

1. Book at least one paid shoot either standard (beauty, fine, art, conceptual) or cosplay a month.

This is an important goal this year since I converted Munchkin Photos into an official LLC.  I have already updated my pricing page on my website to accommodate this.

2. Find a MUA to work with on a regular basis.

I want to find one to three MUAs to work with on a regular basis for both paid and TFP sessions. The goal here is to have a list of MUA’s I can recommend to clients for make-up services for sessions, especially the more creative sessions.

3. Find a couple of models to collaborate with on a regular basis to test concepts, fashion pieces, and head pieces from the mundane to the crazy.

I want to have a few go to models to work with on a regular basis to see if some of my ideas can translate to an offer able shoot concept.  

4. Try to post to social media (Instagram, Facebook, and blogging) on a more regular basis.

I honestly suck at posting to social media. I know I should post more and use things like stories and thank people more for liking my posts. I just have a hard time remembering to do it.


I am also considering a few new concepts. Last year I made a parachute dress which was a big hit, so this year I will be making a second one in a different color.  I will also be working on making a few more headpieces this year, I have some fake cupcakes that might work, and I have been studying some avant-garde hat designs that could translate over to a few unique headpieces. The end of year spike in Covid cases put a damper on my ice-queen concept shoot, so I really would like to get that shot some time this year.  I also have an idea for using paint/water with a model, similar to some of my past splash work that involved rubber ducks.  The idea with paint/water will be messy, so that is one best saved for summer when it can be done outside or at least in my garage where I do all my water work. Also, I want to do an antient Greek/Roman inspired shoot as well, this might stem from the history documentaries I have been watching.  Finally, I am going to be very open to all historical concepts and period clothing piece concepts.  I loved the colors and costumes in the show Bridgerton on Netflix, so to do something similar would be fun.


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