Olympic NP Vacation Day 0: Travel in a Pandemic

View from our balcony at 7:30PM PST

Our vacation started at 3:00AM EST time when we got up to go to the Columbus Airport for our 6:45AM EST flight to Detroit.  Originally, we were scheduled to fly Columbus to LA to Seattle, which would have put us in Washington state around 1:00PM PST.  However, due to COVID-19 and Delta reducing the occupancy levels on planes our itinerary changed.  So, we flew Columbus to Detroit to LA to Settle, which put us in Washington state at 3:00 PM PST.   Once we arrived in Seattle, we had a three hour drive out to Quinault Lodge in Olympic National Park.   We didn’t check into the lodge till about 7:00PM PST and got to bed around 9:00 PM PST.  So, our travel day lasted about 18 hours, needless to say the travel day was exhausting.

A few notes about air travel in a pandemic, it is not scary it is fairly normal except for a few minor changes.  First off you must wear a mask the whole time, from the time you enter the airport till the time you get to your destination and leave the airport.  Delta at least is boarding planes back to front, that means first class boards last, which is a little disappointing since we flew first class for this trip.  Also, meal service is curtailed, and you get snack boxes and water only.  Everything is pre-packaged, and there is no pop or alcohol served.  You must wear your mask to board the aircraft and the whole flight, you can only remove it when eating and drinking.  Finally, the plane is less full, the main cabin is at 60-percent capacity and first class is at 50-percent capacity.  This means you could potentially get a whole row to yourself.   Overall, it wasn’t bad, while annoying to wear a mask that whole flight it isn’t horrible. 

As for the lodge and the park services in general the big change is wearing a mask in common area, which is basically the lobby and gift shop.  Then all the food is take-out only.  Really it is no different then at home.  



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