Photography Goals for 2019

I have now spent a whole year in Dayton, Ohio and accomplished a lot in 2018.  But it is now time to look to the future and photography goals for 2019.

General Photography Goals

1. Expand the Dayton-Columbus-Cincinnati Cosplay Photo Shoots Group
In 2018 I started the Dayton-Columbus-Cincinnati (DCC) Cosplay Photo Shoot Group which currently has over 100 members on Facebook.  I hosted five meet-ups for the group. The goal for 2018 is to double the number meet ups and find interesting shoot locations.  I also want to bring in some additional volunteers to help do location scouting and help with some of the other aspects of the group like check in and supporting the groups social media sites.  If you are interested in joining the group you can look us up on Facebook at Dayton-Columbus-CincinnatiCosplay Photo Shoots Group or on Instagram @DCC_Cosplay_Photoshoots.

2. Book paid shoots outside of conventions
Currently all my paid work comes from sessions held at conventions. While this is nice, I would like to do paid work outside of conventions.

3. Find a muse
This goal is left over from last year, and I expected it would be. I am still looking for a person that I click with.  For me a good muse, would be fun and easy to work with, good with collaboration, and has some creative ideas of their own.

4. Work with male models
Currently all most all of my work is with female models and cosplayers.  Occasionally, I will get to work with a few male cosplayers but not many. I’m going to do my best to seek out some male models to work with to expand my portfolio.

5. Hold a studio session day
I want to hold a mini-session day at a local studio.  The goal of day would be to host a personalized photos session day where people could come in and get some unique photos with interesting headpieces and/or and special dress options, think parachute dress. Sessions would be about 30 – 45 minutes.

Photo Shoot Projects

This past year I did several personal project shoots that could be termed Editorial/Fashion/Fine Art shoots style shoots. This was great but I didn’t get to shoot some the concepts I wanted to shoot.  So, some of my personal projects are a repeat from last year. (Note the projects listed below are in no particular order.) It should be noted all the photo shoot projects below will most likely be TFP (Trade for Print) projects, meaning that the model/cosplayer would be getting a free photo session and 5 fully edited digital images from the session.

1. Victorian/ Steam Punk themed shoot
I just like the style of clothing, plus I think I found the perfect location for the session.

2. Session based on Hannah Alexandra or Sakizou art work
I like the style of art work from both artists, and have several locations in mind for shoots for anyone who makes a cosplay based off their work.

3. Stylized headpiece sessions
I have several headpiece designs rolling around in my head. So, expect to see some more flower and creative headpiece pieces hitting my Facebook feed during the course of the year.

4. Boudoir concept based off “American Beauty” poster art but using ball-pit balls
I have 400 clear ball-pit balls I used for a pin up shoot last year. I would like to use them again for a few additional shoots.

5. End-of-the-world/Apocalypse/Mad Max Inspired
I would love to do some gritty photos that lean towards the end of days, apocalypse, or dystopian society. I have great location in mind for this shoot, and it would have to be done in the summer.

If you any questions or are interested in working with me on any of my goals or projects please contact me through my Facebook page Munchkin Photos byHeather or contact me through my photo site Munchkin Photos

Here is to hopefully a very productive 2019. 

Facebook: Munchkin Photos by Heather      


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