Photography Goals for 2018

I’m starting off 2018 in a new city, Dayton, so I have to grow my network of models, cosplayers, and fellow photographers.  I had good network in Washington, DC and would like to build a similar network here in Dayton area.  Thus, my goals are a little simpler this year, and focus on building a network of people to work and collaborate with.

General Photography Goals

1. Find or start a Dayton (to include Columbus & Cincinnati) cosplay and photographer group.
I really enjoyed working with the DC Cosplayer& Photographer group, in Washington, DC. I was able to make several friends and work with some amazing cosplayers.  The group also let me work on my photography on a regular basis, and work in some interesting locations I might not otherwise get to work in.  I also enjoyed the group because of the number of cosplayers that showed up at each event, so you could work with multiple people in the setting, and everything was done on a TFP (trade for print) basis, which benefited both the cosplayer and photographer.  So, I’m hoping there is similar group in this area.  If not, I think I could manage to start a similar group that meets once a month. If you are interested in this please send me a message through my Facebook page Munchkin Photos by Heather or contact me through my photo site Munchkin Photos

2. Attend at least one Ohio based convention in 2018.
I usually attended two conventions in the DC/VA area, Katsucon and Anime USA.  This year I will be attending Katsucon at National Harbor in DC area.  I am also looking to attend Colossalcon, up in Sandusky.  But I will be looking for good cosplay conventions in Ohio and the surrounding areas.

3. Do more shooting outside of conventions.
Last year I did about eight shoots outside of conventions five were cosplay and three personal projects. I would like to balance my shoots out a little bit more and do an equal amount of cosplay and personal project shoots.  You can see the list of my projects in the next section below.

4. Find interesting shooting locations in the area.
While I can set up a nice in-home studio, I want to be able to shoot on location. I had several locations in the DC area that I liked to work, including several parks. I want to be able to find several interesting locations for shoots in the area, which will include both Columbus and Cincinnati.  

5. Find a muse
Finding a muse may take longer than a year. For me a good muse, would be fun and easy to work with, good with collaboration, and has some creative ideas of their own.

Photo Shoot Projects

Besides the above goals, I also have some personal photo projects/shoots I would like to do this year.  (Note the projects listed below are in no particular order.) Last year I was able to complete three of the projects I had planned. Since I’m in a new city, I hope to at least complete one of the projects listed below. It should be noted all the photo shoot projects below are TFP (Trade for Print) projects, meaning that the model/cosplayer would be getting a free photo session and 5 to 10 fully edited digital images from the session.

1.      Victorian/ Steam Punk themed shoot
A few years ago, I did a Steam Punk themed shoot at Fort Washington, in Maryland.  The shoot turned out great even though it rained for the first half.  I would like to do a similar shoot, but based more on traditional Victorian fashion or the book series written by Gale Carriger.

2.      Photoshoot based off old masters lighting or painting
Lately, I have seen several photos done based off the work of the old master painters. In these photos they either use the same lighting techniques or copy the painting either directly or with a modern twist.  I think this is an interesting concept and would like to try my hand at it.  I’m not sure at this time what master or painting I would like the base the project on, I need to do a bit more research.   In the end I think it will be based on available location or if I want to do it via a studio session.  I’m thinking a studio session would be the easiest to start with.

3.      Do a cosplay shoot based on the artwork of Hannah Alexandra or Sakizou
I love the art work of Hannah Alexandra and Sakizou, but I rarely get to shoot any cosplays based on their work.  So, I’ll be looking for cosplayers who have cosplays based on those two artists. These sessions would either be done on location or in studio based on the cosplay. I would also entertain doing a group shoot for any of these cosplays.

4.      Editorial/Fashion/Fine Art shoots
I love shooting cosplay, but at the same time I would also like to do a more editorial/fashion type photoshoot.  Currently, I have one of these shoots lined up for January.  I also have one other idea floating around in my head.  This idea would be to do a shoot in a white lace or billowy white gown on farm, a little reminiscent of the old romance novel covers.  There are a few dresses on the Enception dress rental site that fit the bill and spurred the idea.  I also think I might like to do a few studio sessions, the focus mostly on beauty or classic portraiture. But we will see were the year takes me on this shoot goal, since my ideas come from locations, photo articles, books I read, or just pictures that catch my eye and I end up pinning on Pinterest

If you any questions or are interested in working with me on any of my goals or projects please contact me through my Facebook page Munchkin Photos by Heather or contact me through my photo site Munchkin Photos

Here is to hopefully a very productive 2018. 


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