Another Rainy Drive with Edited Photos

Sheep at Standing Stones of Stennis
Today started out rainy and continued to be rainy the rest of the day.  We got a late start out of the last B&B because breakfast wasn’t served till 8:30 AM.  It was the same basic breakfast we have had at all but two B&Bs, I’m getting really tired of the options of eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, tomatoes, toast, and porridge.  I would like some variety, like waffles or pancakes, even though I’m not a big fan of pancakes.  But the trip is almost over, so when I get home I’m having toaster strudel for breakfast.  

Originally the tour company wanted us to drive directly from Skye to Edinburgh which is about a six hour drive, we decided against this because the next day we would be spending eight hours on a plane.  So the drive was split up by adding a stop in Trossachs at a B&B along Loch Earn, which was only a 4 hour drive from where we were staying on Skye.  Since it was raining the whole drive there were no major photo stops along the route or in Glencoe because all you  would get is misty fog photos where you end up playing the game is that a hill, rock, or sheep.  However, we did make a few minor photo stops along the route at the Castle Maol overlook, the Loch Garry overlook, and the Well of Seven Heads. We also stopped at a restaurant and had pizza for lunch.  We made it to the hotel around 3:45 PM.

After checking into the hotel Jim, Bill, and Cristina went for a hike behind the hotel. I opted out of the hike because it was still raining. Instead, I used the time to review my photos from the trip and edited a few that caught my eye.   

Cliff Face on Orkney
Fairy Pools on Skye

Standing Stones of Stennis

Ardvreck Castle

Old Man of Storr

View from Old Man of Storr Trail

Tomorrow we will continue our drive to Edinburgh where we will pick up an extra piece of luggage, and drop off the car.


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