Driving on the Wrong Side

Today we were picked up at the hotel and taken to the rental agency to picked up the car, which is a BMW X3.  After going through the rental stuff, Jim had to figure out how to drive on the the left side of the road. I highly believe rental car agencies in the UK need a practice course for continental drivers so they can get used to the car and the the feel of being on the wrong side of the road and the wrong side of the car.  But Jim did well getting out of the airport area onto the motorway/freeway to get us to St. Andrews.  

We made it to St. Andrews in one piece and only clipped the mirror of one car parked on the side of the road.  Yay us.  Once we made it to St. Andrews we went to the abbey ruins and cemetery.  In the abbey area we climb the 160 spiral stairs of the remaining tower to see the view of the city of St. Andrews.  It was a very nice view. From there we wandered over to the St. Andrews castle ruins. The castle was rather small, but interesting.    From there we went to have a late lunch at a small Italian place.  By that time we were done with lunch it was almost 3:00 and it was supposed to take three hours to get to the hotel.  

The drive to the hotel was interesting. While some of the roads were main roads, some were back country roads and were only one lane.  However the drive did take longer then three hours.  So we did not get to the hotel till 6:45 PM with an 8:15 PM dinner time.

So today we did not do a lot of sightseeing due to the large amount of driving. Tomorrow should be a more full sightseeing day.


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