Photography Plans for 2017

It is the New Year, so it is time for some new photo projects and goals.  I still plan to do work with the DC Cosplayer and Photographer Group and do convention shoots but want to expand beyond that. This year I would like to do a few more personal projects and increase the number of shoots I do outside of conventions.   To reach this goal I have developed a list of photoshoots I would like to do this year.

A film noir shoot. This shoot is based on classic noir films like the Maltese Falcon, The Third Man, and Casablanca. This would be a shoot based on 1940’s and 1950’s styling, focusing on old Hollywood glamor, and be very low key or dark shoot.  This shoot would be in the evening and be a mix of studio and on location, since all the locations I’m thinking of are within short walking distance of the studio.  Ideally, I would love to do this shoot, as a couples shoot, but singles are good too. You can see my pintress idea board for this shoot here.

Girl in a Cherry Tree.  Last year I did a wonderful shoot with Neirdheim Jen, by placing her in a cherry blossom tree.  I want to do a few more shoots like that, since this will most likely be the last year these cherry trees will be accessible (blame construction plans).  Therefore, I would love to do at least few more shoots, placing a model in the tree, preferably with a long flowy dress or something that is cherry blossom appropriate.  I would love to shoot with a dress called “endless fire” or the “magenta orchid parachutedress” located on dream shoot rentals.  My other thought would to be place cosplays based on Sakizou, Hannah Alexander, or Nene Thomas designs.

Arboretum Shoot. I would like to do a shoot at the National Arboretum.  This one does not have a specific theme, but I would be looking to do something that is a bit elegant or fashion oriented. Basically, no superheroes.

Night Shoot overlooking the city. This shoot is geared towards superheroes, because the idea is to place the background below behind the model.

Random Shoots:  I do have a permit to shoot within the Fairfax County parks and there are a few locations I would like to shoot. In addition, I’m hoping for some snow so I can do anther snow shoot. I will also be keeping my eye out for new and interesting locations; I might even make it up to the GraffitiWarehouse in Baltimore.  

To those who are interested in working with me on any of the shoots listed above (which will be TFP), please message me through my Facebookpage: Munchkin Photos by Heather.  

I will also be offering all cosplayers 90-minute shoots (in studio or on location) for 45-dollars, which would include a CD/thumb-drive of all the edited images from the shoot as well as an online gallery. 


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