AnimeUSA 2016 Summary

I have finally finished editing all my photos from AnimeUSA 2016. (AnimeUSA 2016 Gallery) I like shooting at AnimeUSA because it is a small convention and allows the use of light stands and other photographic equipment, which allows me to be a bit more creative.  The convention location also has a very nice garden area and a nice white room that is set up like an antique sitting room.   

I shot this convention using a Canon 70D, 18-200mm lens, Yongnuo radio triggers, speedlight, light stand, and an 80/20 bounce attachment.  For hall shots, I had the light stand mounted to my backpack so I could continually use off camera flash. Now let’s talk some statistics. This year I had 12 individual sessions lined up, of which two were groups of six plus people.   Of 991 photos taken during the course of the convention, 75% were shot at 28mm equivalent and only 2% were shot at 55mm equivalent.  Then 72% of my shots were taken at f5 with 10% were taken at f3.5 and f6.3.  Of the 991 images, 23% of the images were taken at 1/100s and 14% were taken at 1/200s and 1/250s.   I either used an ISO 100 or ISO 200 for the shots.   

Overall, I had several nice shots, below are a few of my favorite images.  The first few are from the Gokatia session with Akiryu Yoru Cosplay.  The first image reminds me of an album cover. 

The second set of images is from the Saber Nero session with MiGuo Cosplay.  I like these two shots because they are polar opposites.  

This shot is from the Sakirou Maccha Latte session with Vira Mal Cosplay. I loved shooting this cosplay because I love Sakirou’s work and have always wanted to shoot a cosplay based off Sakirou's paper doll art work. 

This last shot is from the Weiss from RWBY session with Rosettica Cosplay. I like this shot because of the dramatic lighting. 


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