Thursday, May 19, 2016

Flight Out to California

Today we woke up at 3:30 AM so we could catch a cab at 4:30AM to the airport.  We arrived at the airport around 4:45 AM, checked our bags and headed for security, the line was longer than usual, but they did just open it at 4:30AM.  We got through security we found our gate and waited to board our 6:45AM flight.   This was our first time flying SouthWest, and the boarding process went quickly and the open seating was not as crazy as I thought it would be.  We landed in San Francisco at 11:10 AM Pacific Time after a short layover in Chicago.  

Getting out of the airport to the rental car area was slightly confusing. When we finally got to the rental car area, the line for budget was extremely long, but thankfully they approached us in line and asked if we had Fastbreak account, which I had, thus moved us on our way quickly.  If I wouldn’t of had a fast break account we probably would have been in line for at least an hour.

Once we got out of the airport we stopped at lunch at an In-N-Out Burger, before beginning the two hour drive down to Monterey. Before we got to the hotel we stopped at a little roadside farmer's stand and picked up some oranges. Once we arrived at the hotel, we attempted to check in as it was already 4:00 PM, but was told the rooms weren’t ready yet. She then said one just became available, and gave us that one, which wasn’t even clean, I complained and we got a new room that was clean overlooking the cemetery. I guess that is better than the dirty room which was overlooking the parking lot.  We got settled then went for a drive along Ocean Side Drive, stopping for a few photos.   We ate dinner at CoCo’s Bakery and Restaurant, then decided we were tired and head back to the hotel.  

This was a very long day, especially since we didn’t get much sleep due to still fighting stuffy noses.  While the flight was uneventful, flying with sinus pressure is no fun.  I’m hoping this was just a rough start and the trip goes smoothly and our cold clear up soon.

Tomorrow we will be going to the aquarium and down to the waterfall in Big Sur, that I always see pictures of.  While everyone has the same photo, I want to take that photo for myself.  Hopefully it will be nice out.

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