What I Want

The Holiday season has officially kicked off.  As we leave Thanksgiving behind and make that mad dash to prepare for Christmas, by decking the halls, making cookies, shopping for gifts, and wrapping presents.  We make lists, check them twice, and stress out about all the little things.   

I took a moment today to think, because someone asked me what I want for Christmas. I thought, “What do I really want for Christmas?”  Sure, I could ask for world peace like a stereotypical pageant queen or something selfish like million dollars or a heated back massager. (Cannot lie all those would be nice.) But, honestly what I would like is a phone call from friends and family to just catch up and discuss things going on in the world. (If you are wondering why, I do not call; it is because I feel like I am interrupting when I call. If you are wondering, why I do not text instead, it is because I hate conversation by text message.) Alternatively, I would love people to come down and visit me at some point during the year.  Because I do not want things, I want memories, happiness, and laughter. Do not get me wrong things are nice but memories of happy moments are better.

I think now a days we get caught up in the holiday hustle and bustle, and forget the holidays are the time to slow down and spend some time with family and friends. It is not about the biggest tree, best cookies, or the prettiest or biggest presents.  It about sharing time with those you care about, even if they are a little strange or they could give the Griswolds a run for their money.  Therefore, while I may have decorated my tree and started shopping for gifts, I hope I can find the time to slow down and enjoy the moment and remember what the Season is all about, joy.  Therefore, I hope to get happy memories and experience joyous times and remember to slow down and enjoy the moment.  Because moments are fleeting and it is the little things that make the memory not the flashy ribbons and bows. Thus, I wish my family and friends happiness, health, joy and wealth for the season. 


  1. Beware - you may get your wish from me.! I might bring friends.


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