Killing Time and Icelandic Ponies

Today we slept in, if you call sleeping till 7:30 AM sleeping in, and took our time to eat breakfast and leave the hotel.  We still left by 9:30 AM that gave us several hours to kill before we could check into our next hotel or go horseback riding, which were only about an hour and half away.  We are determining the route could have been better spaced or activities better timed. So we to fill time we stopped at almost every information and point of interest point along the way.  We also tried to take a ferry out to one of the islands but they don’t run in the morning on Sunday.   

Some of the points of interest were good, others were busts. The most interesting one we stopped at was the sod homes at Glaumbær along route 75.  Those were interesting, but the two busloads of senior citizens on vacation overwhelmed the place.  We also stopped at a point of interest which had a statue of a fisherman looking out to sea, and another stop were there was an obelisk marker showing were an old Viking fortification was.

The horseback riding was fun.  Icelandic horses are about the size of ponies, but husky.  They are hardy little horses who have manes that should be on 80’s rockers.  The horses also do not understand personal space and like to huddle next to each other.  The ride was fun; we forded a small stream that was about 3 feet deep and did something that was between a trot and a cantor.  The guide said it is similar to pacing in a quarter horses.  The ride concluded our activities for the day. 

We checked into a nice bed and breakfast place, and have our own little cabin. This cabin is much larger and nicer then the first little cabin we had. However, we will still need to squeegee the bathroom floor after our showers to make sure all the water goes down the drain. 

Tomorrow we have four hour drive not including stops to the south of Iceland.


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