Flight and Reykjavik

We dropped of our dear dog Teddy at the pet sitter early on Sunday morning. He was all excited; because he thought he was going with us, but sadly no.  He looked sad when we left him at the sitter, but at least he’ll have a friend to play with there, another lab mix.  After the drop off we headed out to Dulles Airport.  We arrived at the airport before the Iceland Air ticket counter opened, thus had to wait about a half hour, but we were first in line.   We then had time to kill in the airport, because the security line was unusually speedy, for Dulles.   We got lunch at Five Guys then sat around till boarding at 1:30 PM EST.  

The flight left on time and arrived in Reykjavik around 11:30 PM GMT.  We exited the airport in record time, because we were basically first in line for passport control, our luggage was already going around the conveyor when we got to baggage claim, and breezed through customs. So we gave the process a smiley face on the way out. (They have a machine that asks you to rate your service as you walk past by hitting smiley face button.) We met our taxi driver and had a 30 minute drive in twilight conditions to our hotel, and that was about as dark as it was going to get.  

Our hotel room is very basic, and we can’t tell if the hotel is situated in a nice area or not. It is hard because most of the city seems like it needs a good power washing.  After about four hours of sleep we were up for breakfast and to catch our city tour.  Overall I was unimpressed with breakfast. It was poorly organized and didn’t have a whole lot. I might be forced to eat porridge tomorrow, if I want some sustenance to last the day.  

View of Reykjavik from the Pearl
The city tour was standard bus tour fare. Not very exciting and the guide wasn’t very interesting.  I also probably doesn’t help that there really is only 5 or six really interesting items in the city.  We stopped at the famous church that looks like bell curve, and the pearl were we could see the whole city.  The tour lasted about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Then we wandered around city center, which is very tiny for a little bit and then headed back to the hotel, by way of the sea shore and stopping at the Solfar Voyager sculpture.

The Solfar Voyager sculpture
I’m now very tired. Tomorrow we get our rental car and head out into the country along the western portion of the ring road, toward the volcano featured in a “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. 


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