Thursday, May 28, 2015


Today we made the two hour drive to Akureyri.  When we left the hotel in the morning it was raining/snowing, which the hotel owner said was very unusual for this time of year.  She said they had a longer and colder winter then in the past and by now it is usually warmer and not as wet.    The journey to Akureyri was uneventful; however we encountered two unique tunnels.  The tunnels which were 4 kilometers and 7 kilometers long were one car wide with pull offs for cars going in the opposite direction.  We were going in the direction that had right of way.  It can be nerve racking watching for headlights and hoping they move over into a pull off before you get to them.  

Akureyri from the whale watching boat

We arrived in Akureyri around 11:00 AM, it is tiny for being a major city. So after checking into our hotel, where we will stay for a few nights, we went to find lunch.  We at a place called Serrano, which is Icelands version of Chipotle or Baja Fresh.  The food there was pretty good.  We then walked around a bit and decided to go on a whale watching tour.   The tour was three hours long, and we did not see any whales, thus we got a voucher to try again.  I’m sad we did not see any whales; I’m not doing well for large marine mammal wildlife viewing, no seals and now no whales. 

Tomorrow we head out to see geologic wonders and waterfalls. Maybe it won't be precipitating.

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