Year in Review: Happy to Sad

This year started out good with lots of happy times but ended on a sad note.

The year started out with my first trip to an anime convention, Katsucon to be exact. Which was a fun time, and I got a bunch of great pictures. This lead to me going to Anime USA in the fall, where I booked three photo shoots. I had a good time and the photos were well received.  So in 2015 I’ll be at Katsucon again, and this time booking shoots and hope those photos will be well received as well.

At German Castle
On to spring were I went to the Bavaria region of Germany for two weeks with my husband and our mutual friends. It was a great two weeks even if it did seem to rain a lot the first week and having to deal with a foot of snow and falling snow on the mountain. (It is a mountain it is supposed to have snow. I was prepared.) We saw several castles, ate lots of good German sausage, had good wine and my husband actually drank beer.  Overall, it was a good vacation; the next adventure is looking to be Alaska.

We also got a dog this year. His name is Teddy and he is a lab mix. He is a good dog, who has his moments like eating a whole bag of mini bagels or eating six raw pork chops off the kitchen counter. However, other than that he is a lovable dog who likes his walks, belly rubs and his squeaky toys.


There were two celebrations up in Ohio this year.  The first, I surprised my brother by coming up for his 30th birthday party and Easter. That was a good time to be with family.  Then second was surprising my father by coming up for his and my mother’s 60th birthday party. They are only a few months apart so my brother and I threw them a joint birthday party.  My dad didn’t know I was coming up for it until I pulled in the driveway.  I know that made him happy.  Sadly, that would be one of the last times I would get to talk to my father in person.

Me and My Brother 
My Parents at their 60th Birthday Party

My Dad

In November a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, I made an emergency trip up to Ohio. My father was in ICU and not doing well.  I was with him and my family when he passed away. He was a great man and will be missed by many people. I don’t think he ever realized how many lives he touched and how much he meant to so many people.  This put a shadow over the holidays that should be merry and full of happiness and joy.

So while my year may have ended on a sad note. I am hopeful the New Year will bring happiness back and that there will be more joy then sadness in the coming year.


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