Blue Christmas

They say Christmas is a time of family and friends, of hope and cheer.  It is a time to remember the past, and those who went before.  It is a time to dust off old traditions, and enjoy them and the memories they bring while enjoying the present.  It is a time to dine, to dance, and to sing. It is also a time to look forward to the future.  

However it is remembering those who went before which makes this joyous time of year so difficult.  When you are expecting a phone call that says, “What does your mother want for Christmas?” Or the conversation that starts out “So what do you want for Christmas, Dad?” to which the reply is “Neat stuff.”  Or the conversation that starts out, “so you’re going to wrap the presents I bought when you come home?” Then Christmas morning you’re expecting your father to go “oooh” to the things you got, like a toaster.  Then, those things don’t happen it just leaves a hole in your holiday, and in your heart.  While you know that person is still there watching you from heaven, you just which for one more day they could be there to make the day complete.  

So even though loved ones pass and time marches on and you hold up the traditions, decorates the tree, listen to carols being sung, and place pretty packages under the tree.  Things just don’t sparkle near as bright and the magic of the season seams lost, you know in your heart they still would want you to have a best and merriest Christmas you can.  Thus I remember the good times and the cheer of Christmases past and hope one day the sparkle and magic return.

To all my family and friends, I wish you a very Merry Christmas may it be fill with love and happy memories of Christmas past and thoughts of happy moments yet to come.


  1. The Sparkle & Magic will live again as we help each other through the dimness, it will rekindle in our hearts. Love you all with all our hearts. Missing My Big Brother. God Bless Us Everyone. Love, Auntie Dar


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