Our dog Teddy
There haven’t been any blog post for a while because my husband and I were busy rearranging our home for our bundle of joy, which just happens to be furry and have four paws.   We determined it was harder to consolidate our stuff then to get married.  Many things went to Goodwill or were sold on e-bay just to make room.  Not that our place is small but we had a lot of stuff we just didn’t use anymore.  But enough about the cleaning and rearranging effort on to the adoption process.

My husband and I decided to get a dog. Actually, he finally agreed to let me have a dog because it would make me happy.  So we started the search. We determined a puppy, puppy would not be good since we both work, so we determined a dog about 9 months to a year old would be good.  I searched several adoption and humane society website, and went to several adoption days.  I ended up going through the Lucky Dog Rescue Group, since most places had the same process.   

The process works as follows, fill out an application and submit.  They review the application, and then conduct a phone interview, which basically boils down to telling you how much work having a dog is and if you are up for it. Then they have to do a home inspection. Yes really a home inspection to get a dog.  Then they call you again to discuss the home inspection. After that, they send your application package for final review then you’re pre-approved to get a dog.  Once your pre-approved you could go to the adoption events and take a dog home or pick one off the website.   We saw Teddy on the website and met him at an adoption event.

Teddy is a about a one year old Labrador retriever mix, mind you he doesn’t seem to do fetch well.  He is already house trained. My husband thinks the dog is a nut job.  Teddy has been a good dog thus far, he has in own bed and plays with his toys and the only major things he has done is steal a loaf of bread and snap at my husband when he took the rawhide bone away from him.  The first few days we penned him in the kitchen, which worked well until he started whining at night. So we gave up on that and let him out of the kitchen now he sleeps on the floor near the side of our bed.  Also for the first week, while we were at work we penned him in the kitchen.  This involves closing the one door and placing a piece of plywood across the other opening, held in place by the dining room table.  This worked great for about a week; until Teddy figured out, he could jump the whole thing.  He ended up meeting us at the door for three days in a row. After that, we gave up, and just closed the doors to the bedroom and library/study.

We found he loves his Bento Ball toy; it keeps him occupied for hours.  The Bento Ball is a silicon ball that you place a large treat in that the dog has to figure out how to get out.  Teddy really likes that toy even when it doesn’t have a treat in it. He also likes going to the dog park every day, when we go on for our long walks he always makes a B-line for it. We have one on property.  He does well in the park and plays well with the other dogs.   We also found he prefers to walk on the sidewalk and not in the grass. He also seems not to like getting rained on or standing on mushy ground were his paws would sink.  He is defiantly a city dog.  He also has to be near someone when we are home, mostly me.  Teddy is my dog.

In the two weeks we have had Teddy, he has been a good dog and adjusting to his forever home.  Even though he is a little strange, he is good dog.  Overall Teddy is great addition to the family.  You can see more photos of Teddy here


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