Folklife Festival

Today I went to the National Mall for the Annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival. This year the festival highlighted China and Kenya.  I focused on the China portion of the festival.   The first dance I saw was actually of a man dressed as a woman doing the traditional lantern dance; later in the program, he performed the male version of the dance with a female partner.  The man is one of the foremost traditional dancers in China.  Along with the lantern dance, performers also did dances that told the stories of flowers and trees.   I also was lucky enough to see the end of the lion cart performance.  The lion cart performance is dancing lion puppets controlled by a troop of 8 to 10 people.  It was fun to watch, once I squeezed myself into the crowd.
The Lions in the Lion Cart
Since these performances were held in outdoor tents, it was a slightly difficult to meter through the camera for some photos.  I mostly used either a 400 ISO or 800 ISO for the dancers with an aperture set at either f8.0 or f4.0.  I varied the shutter speed to be able to catch some motion of the dancers but tried to stay between 1/80s and 1/200s.    You can see all the pictures under my Folklife 2014 gallery.

Man performing the Lantern Dance
Beginning of the Tree Dance 


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