Photo Analytics and Fisheye Reveiw

I finished editing and posting all the photos from my trip to Bavaria. You can see them here.  So now that all the editing is done I went and ran some analytics/metrics on the photos (included are some of my husband’s shots I edited) and noted a few things.  I mostly shot in manual or aperture priority mode using a shutter speed of 1/60s, an aperture of F11 and a 200 ISO mostly using a focal length of 18mm.  I also noticed I kept only 938 shots and of those only 28 were from the fisheye lens (which I review below).   I used a LightRoom Analytics plug in to get these results.

The Fisheye Lens

For the trip, I rented a Cannon 8 – 15mm fisheye lens for the trip from BorrowLens. I did this expecting to have beautiful panoramic mountain views and nice weather. Since the weather did not cooperate, I did not necessarily get the large vistas I was expecting, so I did not use the lens as much as expected. However the lens worked beautifully, and the bubble look of a fisheye made some of the shots more interesting, even if I did warp people standing on the sides occasionally. (examples below)  It had nice clarity throughout its focal lengths and aperture range.  However, I do not feel the need to add this lens to my collection. While it was fun to work with, I do not see me using it on a regular enough basis to justify the purchase, so I will continue to rent it on an as needed basis.  I think next time I may rent a wide-angle lens that does not produce the bubble effect of a fisheye. 


  1. Have to agree. I liked my wide-angle zoom but have never been a fan of the fisheye.


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