Friday, May 9, 2014


I love travel. Let me be a little more specific I like seeing new things and going to new places. I don’t like necessarily having to pack or the whole airport process.  I think it was possibly easier to pack when travel was supposed to be luxurious and people were treated like people not cattle being hulled around.  Now you have weight restrictions for your luggage as well as limits on the number of free bags (international) or you paying to take your stuff (national).  Then there is the process of checking in and getting to the gate which really makes you feel like you are being herded, moo.   But in the end I suppose it is all worth it, to see and explore new places.  So I will continue to mutter to myself as I pack, and trying to take the right stuff and fit it in small bags without going over weight. I’ll put my liquids into little zip lock baggies and smile at the people at the airport.  Because while I sometimes worry it is not worth the cost, anxiety and hassle in the end it is and I’ll be thinking about planning another trip before I finish the laundry from the last one.

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