One Long Drive

Today we left Baden-Baden and traveled to Oberammergau via the Black Forest. The trip was only supposed to take five hours, but that didn't seem to happen.  When we left Baden-Baden it was slightly raining as we left the city and entered the Black Forest. Then it got very foggy and started pelting us with slushy rain drops. We attempted to see Lake Mummelsee, but all we saw was about 5 feet of it because it was so foggy and rainy. We might have walked around but it was also cold, so we just wandered around the little shop (tourist trap) and picked up a Smokey (like a SlimJim) and some liquor and a hat.  The Smokey is pretty good, but sadly I don’t think I could get them through customs or I would bring some home.  After eating in a little town along the way we rejoined the actual autobahn to travel to Oberammergau.

View from our hotel room in Oberammergau
The car’s GPS indicated it would take about four hours from our lunch location, but with traffic and construction it took a lot longer, closer to five and half hours. I was hoping the GPS would have routed us down the romantic road but it routed us through Munich which was basically going out of the way and then angling back down.   We got to the hotel around 6 PM checked in and ate dinner. Dinner was good, though the best part was the cake. (Jim got cake).  Desert was a small chocolate with sour cherry pie filling, cherry sorbet and whip cream; basically a stylized Black Forest Cake. That desert did not last long; we basically inhaled it just to ensure we each got our fair share.  But now we are tired after a long drive, which wouldn’t have been if there was no construction and the weather didn’t constantly decide to go from sunny to rain.

Stylized Black Forest Cake

Tomorrow we get to go up the highest mountain in the region and have a private tour of Linderhof Palace. 


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