Lake Königssee and Sunshine

We thought today was going be like all the other days on our trip, rainy and dreary since it was raining when we go up this morning. However the weather turned in our favor and the sun actually broke through the clouds and chased the rain away. Believe it or not we actually had a sunny day today.

Looking at second boat house of Lake Obersee
We went to Lake Königssee which involved a 2 hour boat trip (round trip). Our first stop was Salet were I did the 45 minute hike (one way) over to the little boat house on Obersee and the rest of the group continued on for another 30 minutes (one way) past that point to see Röthbachfall (a waterfall). On the hike to Obersee there were Bavarian cows, wearing traditional cow bells, scattered along the mountain trail.  The cows didn’t seem to mind people and one of the cows came up to me and licked me.  I was licked by a cow.  The trail to Obersee was pretty flat to the first boat house on the lake however the trail leading to the second boat house was very rocky
with slippery rocky steps that went up for a bit then down. I was glad they had railings on both sides of that part of the path.  Near the end of this part of the trail, the trail split so you could go another 30 minutes to the waterfall or 5 minutes to the boathouse. Our group split at that point with some going to the waterfall while I went to the boat house then headed back to the original landing point at Salet to wait for the rest of the group. The view across towards the first boat house was beautiful.  On my return trip, back at the Salet landing point I managed to get a couple nice shots across Lake Königssee and some more cows.  Once the group was back together about 90 minutes later we had lunch at the beer garden before heading to St. Bartholomä via the boat.  We did the 30 minute loop trail and poked our heads into the very small church. It was a very tiny church.  From there it was back on the boat, to our starting point the town of Königssee. You can see pictures here.

Lake Konigsee
Lake Obersee

Overall it was a decent day. I’m happy the sun managed to finally make an appearance. Hopefully it will stay with us for the rest of the trip. Tomorrow we make the 3 hour drive to Nuremberg.


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