Germany - Very Tired

Unfortunately I did not sleep at all during the 8 hour flight over to Frankfurt, so I have been awake for over 24 hours and I’m tired.  The flight was smooth and arrived a little early, and we made it through customs without any problems.   We were met by the travel agent after clearing customs and baggage claim. It was nice to see someone holding a sign with our name on it and also nice to meet the person I have been coordinating with for the past few months. She went over the whole itinerary, any questions we had then got us to the train station and proper plat form. I think that is where our journey really began.

We had first class tickets (a separate compartment) for the high-speed train to Baden-Baden. There we were met by the second travel agent who picked us up, gave us the rental car, an overview of German traffic signs, and a quick driving tour of Baden-Baden before taking us to the hotel.  We are staying at a nice four/five star hotel. The room is huge compared to what we are used to, we also got complement bottles of water and wine, which will be coming home with me. Also a plate of fruit randomly appeared while we were out finding lunch. We have a separate bedroom which can be closed off from the main sitting area and a very posh bathroom. The bathroom has a two and half person tub, a toilet, beday, and a spiral walk in shower with one of those large rain heads, and two sinks and a lot of counter space. The other feature of the room which is interesting is the blackout blinds that come down with a push of a button.   

We checked in then went and found lunch we ate at beer garden/café restaurant and had sausage, potato salad, wine and beer.  The wine was excellent, the pinot gris from Franken region is crisp and not sweet. We then walked around for a bit then headed back to the hotel to shower.  Since it still was around 3:00 PM local time we went back out to wander some more and grab a light dinner. Now it is time to crash and catch up on all the sleep I have missed.  Sunday we start early with breakfast at 8:00AM to determine if we are going up to the castle or possibly visit the Maginot Line.

Below is the view from our room, we look out over one of the more modern spas in the area.


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