My Brother's Birthday

While most people went home to celebrate Easter and chocolate bunnies, I went home to celebrate my little brother’s birthday (he isn't that little anymore). His girlfriend threw him a surprise party with family and friends, at a local restaurant in Ohio. It was a nice party, and he was truly surprised.  I was the unofficial photographer for the party. (pictures here)

My Brother and His Girlfriend

Now an ode to my brother.

My Brother and Me
To my brother Steve, you are a unique individual in every way.  Growing up you would wear buckets on your head; make lizard faces at mom and grandma to make them laugh and had a love for A.L.F (which you still walk like on occasion) and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  You loved attention and still do. You are the practical joker; have the special talent of getting people to believe outrageous stories and to get everyone to like you.  While we each did our fair share of things to each other; it was all out of sibling love.  I took care of bullies when you were little because they took your matchbox cars, kept my bedroom door open for you when we move and had separate rooms so you wouldn’t feel alone. Then later when we were older, you looked out for me.  I like the person you have become and hope you never lose you laughter, your uniqueness and everything that makes you special.  And just so you know I care about you and my door will always be open for you.  


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