Fantasy Shoot – D&D Elven Raner

Last weekend I did a photo shoot for one of my good friends. She wanted a fantasy shoot similar to what I did for myself awhile back.  While I wanted to go for a Viking theme it turned out to be more along the lines of a D&D elven ranger.  I had limited supplies to work from but with a cloak, a leather skirt, two sarongs, a staff and a drinking horn made for a decent ranger look.  You can see the whole gallery here.

I used a standard backdrop, two stand light, and an off camera flash for lighting. I shot using an 18-55mm lens, at an aperture of f8, multiple shutter speeds and a 200 ISO.  I then post processed the images in LightRoom and then again in Photoshop Elements. Took around a 100 shots but ended up with only 38 good images. I eliminated many of the shots because they were unflattering.  Overall I do like the look of the shots I did keep and think they do capture her inner ranger. 


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