The Sonoran Desert

Desert Sunset
I am little late posting this synopsis of my most recent pictures sine I have been busy. I spent November 4 – 16 out in Tucson, AZ for work.   Thankfully I did not have to work the weekend and was able to get out and enjoy the desert and get some nice pictures.  I always take my camera on two week work trips since we usually get the weekend to ourselves.    Now some people like the desert and find it fascinating, but I find it doesn’t fascinate me. Thus I struggled a bit trying to get creative shots that didn’t seem repetitive.  

Seven Falls Pool
On Saturday I did an eight mile (round trip) hike in BearCanyon to see Seven Falls.  Most of the hike was pretty flat, a bit rocky and sandwiched between the canyon walls.  It was about the last mile to the falls were the trail started to go up the side of the canyon wall to the falls.  When I got out to the falls, it was more like the seven trickles.  I’m sure you’re thinking that is what you get for trying to see a waterfall in the desert, but I was assured there was water there. However the people that assured me there was water did not specify how much water.   I did get some nice pictures of the rock striations and formations.   Later in the day I headed up to Saguaro National Park to captures some sunset pictures.  According to the park ranger the best place to capture sunset photos was the interpretive nature trail which is a half mile loop, the ranger was right.   I was also glad I had my graduated neutral density filter, it made meter easier.  My suggestion is if you’re photographing in the desert make sure you have some type of neutral density filter.

On Sunday I head back up to Saguaro National Park, to see the petroglyphs (ancient rock carvings).  The petroglyphs were on rocks at the top of a rock hill.  Walking on the path that takes you up the hill you see a sing that states “Warning, entering rattlesnake territory.” This made me a little apprehensive about traveling on the path up the hill; thankfully there were no snakes out.    Then I stopped at the Sonoran Desert Museum.   After that little adventure I called it a day and just relaxed at the hotel for the rest of the weekend.    


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