Day at Fort Washington

Living History Live Fire Demonstration
Yesterday my husband and I went to Fort Washington National Park, on the Maryland side of the Potomac River.   The original fort was built in the early 18th century and was part of the overall defense of the area, but was burnt down during the War of 1812.  A new fort was built to protect Washington DC and the east coast after the War of 1812, which is the fort seen today. The fort was used in one form or another from 1872 through its deactivation in 1946 when it was turned over to the National Park system for preservation. This is a very well persevered historical structure and you can see they may upgrades the fort went through during its service life. Plus they do live fire demonstrations once a month in the spring and summer.

Old Drawbridge Wheel

I like this park, and the fort itself provides several unique photo opportunities, one just has to be willing to explore interesting vantage points.  Though some of the structures I would have liked to explore further were fenced off to prevent access.   I got some very nice shots.  I plan on coming back in the fall once the leaves start to change, it should look very pretty. 


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