Yellowstone – Old Faithful

Today was a very long day. We were up around 0600 because we are still on East Cost time. We had asparaguses and scrambled eggs, it was surprisingly good.  Then we headed out.  It is about an hour and half drive to the Yellowstone south gate, then another 45 minutes to an hour the Old Faithful area. As we were waiting to go through the gate, there was a squirrel sitting strait up on a rock, all he needed was a little sign saying “welcome”.  As we drove into the park the next animal we saw was a pair of mule deer. At first I only got butt shots, but then they turned around, so I got a face.  Then we continued our journey to the Old Faithful visitor center.

Old Faithful from the back (point & shoot)
Our first stop in the Old Faithful area was the store to pick up some water then we made our way over to the visitor center. As we were coming up the main walk, Old Faithful just started to erupt.   We watched Old Faithful erupt then made our way over to the visitor center to pick up maps and for Mom to stamp her park passport. The visitor center is very nice and modern looking yet fits in with the lodge and other building which are more rustic.  For our first walk we did the geyser hill loop, the loop took about just enough time for us to see Old Faithful erupt another time before we walked over to the cafeteria for lunch. Lunch was reasonably priced and pretty good.  After lunch we did the lower section of geysers near Old Faithful. Both walks were both nice, I think we walked about 5 miles in the area.  Once we finished there we drove to Biscuit Basin and did that short half mile loop. Then we went further up to see the mud pots and did that half mile loop, on the way we saw a bison. We tried to get into the middle geyser basin area but there was not parking to be found.  By that time it was already 1700, so time to head back to Jackson. On the way back we saw some more mule deer. Mom was disappointed she did not see any moose.  Maybe Monday we’ll get lucky and see moose.  We didn’t get back to Jackson till 1930 (7:30 PM).

On Monday we are going to head back up to Yellowstone and do the Yellowstone Canyon area.


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