Travel Day - Jackson, WY

I was up at 0450 today (yes that is early in the morning) so I could catch my cab and be at the airport by 0600 for a 0730 flight.  Thankfully I checked in on line, so I only had to drop my bag off then make it through security. The security lines were a lot longer than I have seen them in a while for gates 10 – 22. I think that had to do with the very large number of families going through security, then again I’m used to going through with the business crowed during the week. My flight was mostly families with children no older than 10 and they all wanted to sit together on a full flight. Needless to say this caused a headache for the poor gate agents, who had to keep explaining there were no open seats and they couldn’t move people around.  Once everyone was settled, we were up and away. The flight was about 4.5 hours long, and bit bumpy in some areas (I hate turbulence).  I had a three hour layover in Salt Lake City; at least the airport has freed Wi-Fi. While sitting in the airport I got to listen to several call for people to meet their party in baggage claim. Though my personal favorite was the request to pick up forgotten property at the security checkpoint, apparently someone left a member of their party at checkpoint.  Just makes me think of some poor person sitting all lonely on the X-ray machine belt.  One of the other nice things about the Salt Lake City airport is the views out the windows are great, nice mountain views.

The flight from Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole was less than an hour. It was the standard up then down flight, they didn’t even offer people drinks. However the flight was extremely bumpy. The decent was the worst, I felt like pilot was racing to land and the aircraft was all over the place. Once at the parking spot in the airport, I can’t call it a gate since there really is no gate, they roll the stairs up to the plane and you get off. You enter the terminal, through an antler arch directly into baggage claim.   Once in at the airport I had to wait an about an hour and half for my mother’s flight to come in so we could drive into Jackson.

The city of Jackson is nice, and quite quaint. However the only problem the street signs are very visible and there are very few stop signs and traffic lights. We passed the bed and breakfast we are staying at three times it just blends right in. The bed and breakfast is nice; we’ll see how the breakfast is in the morning.  Once we were checked in, we walked around in the center of town. We missed the shootout, that they have every day in the square.  But we did find some very expensive leather and fur stores and a place that sells taxidermy animals.

Sunday we will head up to Yellowstone National Park and see Old Faithful.


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