Last Day of Yellowstone & Teton Vacation

Prong Horns (from video camera)
For our last day in Jackson, WY we attempted to find moose one last time. We had breakfast and head back into Grand Teton National Park through the back entrance towards the moose habitat.  Sadly there were no moose in the area. However as we drove further into the park we were lucky enough to see some prong horns and actually get pictures of them.  Usually prong horns are very hard to photograph because they are skittish and can run up to 70 mph.  We also saw more mule deer before leaving the park.   

After we left the park we stopped at the Wildlife Art Museum. The museum was nice, from the outside it looks like a stone fort built into the side of the mountain. Inside the museum was quite spacious and the art was nice. I liked the two large mountain lion sculptures.  From there we headed to our last event of the day horseback riding.
Horseback Riding (from video camera)
We went for an hour trail ride along the Snake River and a bit up the mountain. It would have been a better ride if the others of the party were more honest about their skills. The little girl was ok and enjoyed herself, however the little boy who was a 5th grader, was not that great.  I think the little boy was scared of horses, and he complained the whole ride. He kept saying he wanted to go back, and this was scary.  I think his mom should have left the boy with the dad who stayed behind. At least the trail guide was good and handled the kids well.  The trail ride ended and we headed back to the bed and breakfast to pack for the flight home. 
Overall the trip was good. The parks were beautiful and I would definitely go back, but stay inside the park next time.


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