I take photographs because I enjoy it and want to share my vision, experiences and art.   My photo site Munchkin Photos contains over a 10,000 photographs which document my growth as a photographer and life’s adventures.  My photography focuses on travel, events and wildlife and some portraits. However, I want to add a little more to the stories of my photos beyond the quick descriptions on my main photo site. This blog will allow me to do that.

This blog will include descriptions of my travels. I try to go on one major vacation a year, which usually involves me traveling overseas for two weeks.  Although, this year I’m staying in the US and I’m heading to the first National Park, Yellowstone.

Thus this is a blog to document my photography project, travels and other bits of whimsy.


  1. Good Luck With Your Blog. I Find That I Run out Of Time For Such Things. (I Don't Know Why This Thing Want To Capitalize Every Word.)


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