Grand Teton - Still No Moose

We headed back into the Grand Teton today, on the quest for moose. We went in the back gate, since that entrance road has the highest probability of moose sightings.  I asked the ranger at the booth if there were any moose sightings, and he told me there was a “moose jam” six miles down the road earlier in the morning.  Sadly we did not get to see the moose jam, or any moose for that matter.   We continued up to Hermitage Point on Jackson Lake.  On the way up to Jackson Lake we stopped at a few overlooks and turnouts, were we were lucky and saw mule deer and prong horns.  The prong horns were too quick for us to get a picture.  Once up we made up to the Hermitage Point Trail head we did two small 1 mile loops near the edge of the lake.  We did not see any wildlife on the hikes.  Afterwards we ate at the restaurant at Colter Bay.

After lunch we headed back down the mountain and on the way we up Signal Mountain Summit Road.  It was a long and winding drive up a very narrow road. Once we made it to the top, it was a gorgeous view across the valley. We also had excellent cell service at the top since there was a cell tower located right there.  We then continued on down and stopped at the Bradley and Taggart Lakes trail head. There we did the 4 mile loop that takes you up to Taggart Lake.  The trail was a moderate hike which was rocky and with a few steep climbs.  After that hike we headed back into town, on the way back we saw a beaver but no moose.
Thursday is our last day in Jackson. We will attempt to see a moose one last time and will be going horseback riding.


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