Saturday, June 8, 2013

Civil War Fort Day

The good thing about living in the National Capitol Region is there is usually always something going on. Today, even though it was cloudy and looked like rain, I went to the Civil War Fort Day held at Fort Ward Park.  (Yes it did rain a little bit but I had an umbrella.) The fort day shows what it was like living around and in the fort, and includes demonstrations and tours host by reenactors and historians.  The 3rd US Regular Infantry conducted drills, knitting and telegraphy demonstrations and they let people try charging the practice dummy with a rifle bayonet.  I like these events, because they are excellent photo opportunities and let me use a variety of technics.    You can see all the photos from the day here. 

Fort Ward Park is a 41.4 acre historic park located in Alexandria, VA.  The fort was used by the Union Army from 1861-1865 to defend Washington, DC during the Civil War. The fort had has remains of underground bombproofs, remains of the fort walls, and reconstructed quarters of the high-ranking soldiers. 

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