Bear Cubs and a Memorial

Andean Bear Cubs
I went to the National Zoo today with my husband so I could see the bear cubs. The zoo recently had two sets of bear cubs. The sloth bear had a cub, but we did not get to see the cub and then the Andean bear had twin cubs.  The Andean bear cubs were very active and acting cute and adorable like you would expect cubs to act.

Iwo Jima Memorial
The other thing we did was go to see the Iwo Jima memorial which is located across the river from DC in Arlington.  It is about a ten minute walk from the Rosslyn or cemetery metro stop. The memorial is nice, and is pretty detailed and a little further down is a friendship tower. Now my other reason for finally going to see the memorial was, to scope out a new spot to take pictures of the 4th of July fireworks.   The fireworks are shot from between the Washington and Lincoln memorial over the reflecting pool.
Usually I photograph them from the Air Force Memorial which is less than a block from my apartment. However, many of the popular photos of the DC fireworks are shot from either the Capitol steps or the Iwo Jima memorial because you can line all the monuments on the mall up.  So I wanted to see what the view, actually looked like and if it would be worth the trip.    It is a great view of the city.  However, I would probably have to be there most of the day to get a good spot and have to deal with the crowds on the metro on the way back.  I still have plenty of time to decide where to see the fireworks; I might actually go into the city and watch them from the National Mall.

View from Iwo Jima


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